Naomi Brodner

My studio will be open for viewing artwork and artistic process 12-6pm October 7th & 8th and 12-6pm October 14th &15th I will have prints for sale.

Open Studios Preview Exhibit
One piece of art by each participating artist on exhibit
Sept 26 - Oct 23
Canyon Gallery at the Boulder Public Library
1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302
(Gallery is on the Canyon side of the library, near the corner of 9th and Canyon)

My artistic process seeks to illuminate primordial symbols of the unconscious through collage and painting. Creating art has the ability to bypass the conscious mind and access the non-lingual, intuitive hemisphere of the brain. This enables me to tap into deeply unconscious inner and outer psychic material which reveals itself through my artwork. Drawing on depth and dream psychologies I use creativity to facilitate the merging of the personal and collective unconscious, subconscious and consciousness.

Deeply inspired by the rawness and purity of expressionism and the sophistication and imagination of the surrealists, I blend automatism and technique to develop almost believable dream worlds. Using an intuitive and automatic process, I instinctively gather subjects from the material world: magazines, photo journals, online publications, and physical objects, etc; I fuse these everyday reproductions and experiences of the collective together through a process of paint and print, casting them into revitalized projections of ageless visual archetypes.

Once finished, these creative works aspire to transcend familiar symbols, shedding new light on the mysterious relationships between the personal and collective unconscious. Harnessing the unceasing power of creation art reveals a luminous doorway between outer and inner space. Open it.

Naomi Brodner

"The hand is central to all magic, it is symbolic our human power to take and shape nature, consciously putting its creative energies to use. Quicker than the eye the magicians hand creates illusion more rapidly than our thinking mind can follow it, it is in a sense "more alive"..." - Sallie Nichols